Caulear Protection Ear Shields

Caulear Ear Shields protects your ears from cartilage damage and trauma during all impact sports.

Watch the Caulear Ear Shield Video

See how easy it is to use the ear Moulding kit and start creating your Caulear Ear Shields today!

Caulear Mouth Guards and Combo Kits also available!

In conjunction with your ear shields, become fully protected with our bespoke mouth guards.

What are Caulear Protection Ear Shields?

Caulear Protection Ear Shields help prevent ear injuries and protect ear cartilage and can be worn with cauliflower ears.

Caulear Protection Ear Shield

Helps prevent ear trauma

Caulear Protection Ear Shields are specially designed to help shield the ear from impact therefore reducing the risk of ear trauma and damage to the cartilage.

Caulear Protection Ear Shield

Ideal for impact sports

The Caulear Ear Shield can be used in all impact sports such as wrestling, rugby, boxing, MMA, BJJ, cricket, water polo and more.

Caulear Protection Ear Shields

Moulded to fit your own ear

Custom made shield for your ears using a bespoke mould.

Won’t impair your hearing

Comfortable and easy to use, the Caulear Protection Ear Shield are small, compact and won’t impair your hearing.

Your Caulear Protection Ear Shields can be worn in all forms of impact sports.

Can be worn in conjunction with head guards.

Virtually invisible.




Light weight.




Free from metal and plastics.

Can be produced in fun colours.

Customisable and reusable time after time.

Doesn’t impair hearing.

Caulear Protection Ear Shield

Caulear Ear Shields are light, easy to use and also won’t affect your hearing during the heat of the moment.

How it works

We believe ear protection should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of level of athleticism.

Purchase one of our Caulear Ear Moulding kits.

Place cotton wool inside ear canal.

Mix vigorously the special ear moulding putty together.

Place inside ear and wait 5 minutes.

Remove putty when set and send it back to us.

Your Caulear Ear Shield will be created and shipped back to you.


Alternatively you can call into us at Caulear Protection in Belfast (Contact Us).  We will take your impression and have your ear shield made within 7 days.


What our customers say about Caulear Ear Shields

Caulear Ear Shields are available for everyone.

Paul M

B.J.J. Competitor


“Caulear Protection is a brilliant invention. I’ve trained various martial arts from a young age. I returned to BJJ a few years ago. I now train and compete regularly having competed 5 times last year. My ears had sustained some damage previously, and they were starting to flare up again but I didn’t want them getting any worse. A training partner recommended Caulear Protection. I was fitted and supplied within a few days. I now wouldn’t train without them. My ears are fully protected from further damage. Thank you.”

William G



“I use my mouth guard and ear shields for BJJ. Top quality products and a great service.”

Harry P

Rugby Player

Isle of Man

“I’ve been using them for about 6 months for rugby now, they seem to be working great! The team always seem happy to help if you have any queries too!.”


B.J.J. Competitor

United States

“ I have worn the molds twice now, and they do NOT come out of your ears!
My ears took a beating last night and they seem to be ok today. If these hold up and continue the way they have you guys really came up with a great product! I do not want the dreaded cauliflower ear but I love Jiu Jitsu, even to the point of I started using headgear which sucks! These are just amazing.”

Francesco Modugno

B.J.J. – Brazilian JiuJitsu


“The Caulear protection are really spectacular. I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I’ve tried the protections for a week, are light, invisible and very comfortable, it does not seem to wear them. Thanks to the adhesive liquid they also resist the toughest situations during a fight. I am very happy with the purchase.”

Bruce Irwin

Erne Wrestling Club

“At Erne Wrestling Club we have found the ear shields to be an important tool in helping to prevent injury to the ears

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. As a coach and a wrestler I would suggest to all participants to use the Caulear Protection Ear Shields.”

Matthew Elliott

British Judo Champion

“I have worn the Caulear Ear Shields for 3 weeks, every night of the week at Judo training and my ears took no damage. I found the Ear Shields offered exceptional protection and kept my ears from being damaged. I would greatly recommend these to anyone who takes part in contact sport and would rather avoid the pain and hassle of having cauliflower ears.”

Claire Harris

B.J.J. Irish Champion 2017

“I was very apprehensive about wearing the guards. First session was just light training and they were perfect, forgot about them as they were so comfortable and light!!! No one knew I had them in either which is always good as the guards I was wearing before weren’t the most feminine!!! When comp training, which is a whole different ball game, this is when they were really tested and I’m so, so happy with the protection and freedom I get with these!!”

Andy "Taz" Young

B.A.M.M.A. World Flyweight Champion

W.W.F.C. World Flyweight Champion

“It’s amazing to finally have ear protection for training and competition, which is not only comfy but strong and subtle too. Cauliflower ear can be a real annoyance and hinder training at times, so it’s brilliant to have something so useful to prevent this, whilst also not getting in the way, like some of the head guard designs do that I’ve tried in the past. I highly recommend Caulear Protection.”

Caulear Protection

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